Medical Devices and Diagnostic Engineering2017掲載の気胸事例
Low-thermal coagulation of pulmonary bullae by generalpurpose radinfrequency cautery device in pneumothorax surgery
Takashi Iwata,Aya Yamamoto,Kantaro Hara,Shoji Hanada
Thoracic Surgery,Kansai Rosai Hospital
Pathology demonstrated that radiofrequency cautery successfully make the bulla wall thickened and degenerated without damaging the lung parenchyma deeper than 2mm from the pleural surface.
Radiofrequency cautery is a safe,and possibly promising device for low-thermal coagulation of pulmonary bullae in pneumothorax surgery.Especially,general radiofrequency cautery device such as Surgitron Pelleve is easy to introduce to the pneumothorax surgery in combination with general ball-shaped electrode,because the cost is relatively low(as approximately less than a half as VIO)and for its safety.Accumulation of the cases is awaited to report its detailed and the long-term results.